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Short-term insurance for special events from 1 day to 90 days in duration starting at $350. Policy issued within 2 hours if approved!!

Pollution, Mold & Environmental Insurance
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Zoom in to get homeowner, renter, & condo unit quotes in every state
Click here to get free homeowner, renter, and condo unit insurance quotes.
To get separate flood and earthquake quotes:
  • go to;
  • click on ONLINE QUOTES;
  • select FLOOD OR EARTHQUAKE (depending on which insurance type you want) from the top drop-down menu and follow the website.
  • Or you can email us the declarations page from your current flood or earthquake policy
To get separate wind* quotes:
  • go to;
  • click on CONTACT;
  • send a secure email describing what you need and a representative will contact you.
  • Or you can email us the declarations page from your current wind policy
*Policies for wind-only coverage will be issued through your state's "wind pool". If your property is not eligible for the "wind pool" or if your state does not have a "wind pool", a surplus lines insurer will issue coverage.

Identity Theft Insurance for Individuals & Families
$29.95 per year for a single person
$49.95 per year for a family
Click here to view a brochure.
Identity Theft Insurance for Employer Groups - 10 or more employees
Offer this very important benefit to your employees and payroll deduct the costs!
Click here to send an email to request a representative contact you to discuss further.
Click here to view a brochure.

Small Business Insurance Quotes!
All quotes include:
  • General liability (options from $100,000 to $1,000,000)
  • Products & completed operations
  • Business property: computers, office furniture, etc
  • $300,000 Fire damage to rented/leased offices/buildings
Click here for a complete summary of coverages included.
Higher limits are available for additional premium.
Optional building coverage
Optional auto liability
Optional worker's compensation
Click here to download the short form for instructions to request insurance coverage.

New Premium Financing Online!!
Financing is now available for commercial insurance policies with total premiums of $1000 or more (i.e. two $500 policies or one $1000 policy).
Example of terms for a $3500 policy:
  • 25% down
  • 8 equal installments of $350
  • APR 15.65% which results in a total finance charge of only $156
Example of terms for a $50000 policy:
  • 25% down
  • 8 equal installments of $4900
  • APR 10.5% which results in a total finance charge of only $1506
We can even finance premiums for policies you DO NOT buy from We can only finance new or renewal policies, not policies in the middle of their terms.
Click here to get an instant online quote and to apply online.

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