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Boxing, Cage Fighting, Kickboxing, Martial Arts, Toughman, & Wrestling Insurance
  • Accidental Medical, Accidental Death
  • Liability, Property, Liquor Liability
  • Vendor Liability, Worker's Compensation, Auto Liability
  • & Much More for 1 Day, 1 Week, 1 Year, or Any Other Term
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  • In All States EXCEPT AK, MT, NE, NH, & VT
  • Accidental Medical & Accidental Death Limits of $2500; $5000; $10,000; $20,000; & $50,000 with Deductible Options of $500 and $1000
  • General Liability, Personal Injury, Liquor Liability, & Auto Liability
  • Workers Compensation, Rented Equipment, & Property Damage
  • Medical Coverage For Spectators
  • Cancellation Coverage For Weather-Related and "No-Show" Situations
  • For One Day, One Week, One Month, One Year, or Any Other Term You Want
  • No Charge For Unlimited Additional Insureds
  • Limits Up to $10,000,000 Instantly Issued
  • Over 450 Different Event Types Covered
  • Coverage Issued by Highly-Rated Insurance Companies
  • Instant Online Quotes
  • Online Application and Premium Payment
  • Payment by Credit Card, Check, or Wire Transfer
  • Get Your Policy Within Two Hours If Approved

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