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STEP 1 OF 3 TO START INSTANT QUOTE is designed for "open access" for fast, easy use. This means that you do not need to register to be able to get information and quotes. Because of this "open access" and because offers quotes and information across international borders and state borders of the United States, you may be asked to enter your country or state location 2-3 times as you navigate to obtain quotes and information. Sometimes you will be asked to enter your resident state or country (where you live) and sometimes you will be asked to enter the country or state location where the insurance is to be in effect which is not always your resident country or state. Of course, instant quotes and information are readily available for simple situations too like for people who live in Illinois and want only a personal umbrella policy or other simple personal insurance policy.

Here Are Some Examples of International & Interstate Insurance Needs That Are Easily Handled at

Example 1: You are a citizen and resident of Canada living for one year in Cambodia and need health insurance while you are in Cambodia

Example 2: You are a resident of California but have rental property in Florida that you want to insure

Example 3: You are a resident of New York in need of special event insurance for an event that will be held in New Jersey

Example 4: You are a citizen of Peru visiting the United States and need repatriation insurance to meet the consulate's Visa requirements

Example 5: You are a United States Christian missionary group made up of both US citizens and non-US citizens who will be traveling to Guatemala for a short-term or long-term mission and need health insurance, trip cancellation insurance, or repatriation insurance.

Example 6: You are a college student who is a resident of Pennsylvania but who is going to college in Florida and in need of health insurance

Example 7: You are a citizen of India but own a US-based business and need life insurance to meet the requirements to complete a business transaction (loan, merger, venture capital, etc)

Example 8: You are a general contractor in Texas who is building a home or commercial building in Louisiana

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