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Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company Simple Whole Life Insurance Plan

* Not available in all states (See Plan Details). The whole life insurance is issued by Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company, home office in Glenview, IL. The product is an obligation of Guarantee Trust Life and is not insured by the FDIC and is not a guaranteed deposit. Life insurance policies contain exclusions and limitations; benefits may vary due to misstatement of age or sex. Product may not be available in all states. Forms: Policies 89WLNP and 90GBL series. You may not qualify for this policy with this insurance company, but other options with a different insurance company may be available if you inquire.

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Why do I need life insurance?

  • Pay final expenses
    Funerals can cost a lot of money that survivors don't have. Costs can include a casket and services, such as embalming, visitation, and the use of a hearse.  But this amount does not include the related burial cost, such as burial plot, burial vault, headstone, grave opening, cremations, or urns.

  • Replace income for your dependents
    If people depend on your income, life insurance can replace that income for them if you die.  
    Add up all of your monthly bills and imagine who is going to pay them.  Typically, advisors will encourage their clients to buy enough so that their clients can live off the interest (5-20 times annual salary).

  • Create an inheritance for your heirs
    Even if you have no other assets to pass to your heirs, you can create an inheritance by buying a life insurance policy and naming them as beneficiaries.

  • Other reasons:  Pay federal and state "death" taxes, Make charitable contributions, College funds


Is this as simple as it seems?

Yes, applying for life insurance has never been simpler and should only take 5 minutes.  Just get an online quote, select your premium, apply online, and submit your premium.  Everything is done online with no paperwork.  No insurance agent will visit.


What is a beneficiary?

A beneficiary is the person or entity you name in a life insurance policy to receive the death benefit.


How much life insurance do I need?

  • If you need to replace your income:  Advisors recommend anywhere from 5 to 20 times your annual salary.  These numbers are calculated based on your dependents investing the money and earning 5% interest.  This would replicate your salary if need be.

  • If you want enough to pay off your funeral cost and debt:  you will need at least $10,000 plus your existing debt (which can include but not limited to: medical bills, house, auto, loans, etc...)

Do I have to meet with an insurance agent?

No, you get your quote, select your plan, and apply online.  The process should only take 5 minutes.  If there is an issue with your account an insurance agent (or GTL company representative) will give you a call/email.  There will be no appointments or doctor/insurance agent visits.



What are the eligibility requirements?

GTL offers three plans based on demographics and health history: Preferred, Standard, and Graded.  The eligibility requirements are below: 


Preferred Plan:  Great health means great rates.  It is important that you insure your insurability.  This is the time for you to buy insurance because you never know what the future holds and you should lock in the great rates guaranteed for life.

  • Issue ages: 6 months - 65 years of age

  • Death Benefits available:

    • $10,000  - $50,000 for ages 6 months to 49

    • $3,000 - $25,000 for ages 50 to 65

Standard Plan:   Ok, so you have had a minor health setback, overweight, or over the age of 65.  The Standard plan is a whole life policy that provides guaranteed protection for life at guaranteed standard rates.  These rates are guaranteed to stay level for life..

  • Issue ages: 6 months - 85 years of age

  • Death Benefits available:

    • $10,000  - $50,000 for ages 6 months to 49

    • $3,000 - $25,000 for ages 50 to 85

**Graded Plan:  not everyone has a clean bill of health, the graded plan was designed to accommodate situations where clients do not qualify for the preferred or standard plan.  Many times this is the last option available for individuals to qualify for whole life insurance.

  • In the event of your death during the first two policy years GTL will return the premium paid plus 10%GTL will pay full benefits thereafter.  (MN applicants see note #1)

  • Accidental Death Benefit:  Full benefits for accidental death from the first day the policy is issued.  (Not applicable in AR)

  • Issue ages: 50 to 80 years  (MN Applicants See Note #2. MO applicants see Note #3)

  • Death Benefits available:

    • $3,000 - $25,000 for ages 50 to 80


How long does it take to get this insurance?

The online quoting and application process should only take 5 minutes.  After you complete the online application it is electronically delivered to an GTL underwriter for review.  If the underwriter is able to make a decision without further investigation (ordering medical records or APS) then your policy could be approved in a day.  If the underwriter has to order medical records, phone interview, or request a Attending Physician (APS) Statement the process could take up to 2 months depending on when GTL receives the information. 


Do I have to take a medical exam to get this insurance?

No, applying for coverage is easy and takes less than 5 minutes online.  Just enter your information and get a quote, you can then apply online with a credit card or Electronic Funds Transfer from your bank.  If you want to download an application, first complete the online application and you will have the option to print a completed one.


Who would receive the money paid by my insurance company?

The full benefit amount will go to your beneficiary of your choice.  It can be your spouse, child(ren), a relative, or a friend. 


When will my coverage begin?

As soon as the underwriter approves the policy.  You will receive an email confirmation.


Will my coverage change?

No, your policy will stay the same guaranteed.  Your face amount will not decrease as you get older.


Can my rates change as I get older?

No, your rates are guaranteed to stay level your entire life.  You have a peace of mind knowing that this insurance will stay with you for your lifetime.


Is the policy guaranteed to my satisfaction?


You have a no risk 20-day money-back-guarantee.




#1: MN, 1st and 2nd year death benefits are four times the first year premium.  Full Benefits thereafter.

#2: MN, Issue Ages: Male 50-75 and Female 50-80

#3: MO, Issue Ages: 50-75

*  Graded Plan is not available in all states.  Percentages may vary in certain states.

**  Graded Plan is not available in all states.  Percentages may vary in certain states.

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